Saturday, February 27, 2010

So Why This Blog?

I have been toying over the idea of creating a separate blog for my technical wanderings for some time now. Earlier, I had posted some technical posts on my main blog -, but, now, those seem out of place in a blog, which deals with more general stuff, like events, photography, articles (and whatever random thought comes in my mind). As, in the last few years, I have been working on various technologies, especially Java based, I thought of writing about some of the technical ideas that I have been influenced by, technical issues I have been intrigued by, and the upcoming technologies that I am working on. And what better place than to have a new blog just for that.

I would like to put in as much details as possible in my post, else this blog would defeat its purpose.


  1. Cool.. So, now I don't have to skip through any of your posts on the other blog.. :D It's my own lack of technical knowledge that I am making fun of over here.. Maybe visiting this blog more often may help.. :)


  2. How did you came to know about this blog?!? I just created it yesterday, and till now, haven't shared it with anyone!!!

    My pile of technical stuff which I needed to publish is increasing, and since, I already have my own domain, I thought of using this to create a new blog.

    Thanks for visiting (I am still curious how stumbled upon this link) :)

  3. Haha.. Grin Grin.. Evil Grin.. I shall not tell you the secret.. :D Now you know what a matchless sleuth I am! :P

  4. I like the template.. :)
    But, the color of your post-panels (I don't know how else to refer to it) doesn't seem to go very well with the yellowish-orange background.. the background is very cheerful, but the color of the post-panels is very dull.. :( and it is also making it difficult to read stuff...

  5. Yay!! This theme is better. :) Not as cheerful as the other one, but very elegant and easy to read. :) Looks like I will be leaving comments only on your template on this blog. Nothing else makes sense to me anyways! :D

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