About Me

So who am I? By profession, I am a software developer, working mainly on Java technologies since 2006. I hold a bachelor's degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering, but since my college days, I was fascinated by what one could do with software. Learning Java in free time was the first step I took (even though the curriculum forced me to work with ICs and transistors and what not). 

Now, my work generally revolves around Weblogic web services, CXF web services, Jibx, Jaxb, Mule ESB, Hibernate, Spring, iBatis, XML and XML schemas etc etc.

I am also a gadget freak, and my Google Reader is subscribed with RSS feeds from a dozen tech sites, which I love to scroll through whenever I have time in the day. A Mac user since 2008 I love using the Mac OS X operating system, and am amazed by the stability and the usability of Macintosh. My work generally revolves around Fedora Linux, so you can say, I am not such a great fan of the Microsoft Windows brand.

Recently, became a proud owner of Nikon D90 camera, and am trying to explore photography as a creative pass time. You can get a glimpse of some of the photos at my other blog (